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  • Instagram redesigned the website

    Wednesday, Jun 10, 2015 / Instagram / KrishaWeb

    Instagram as we all know is more of a mobile focused application. The majority of the users prefers mobile device to access Instagram. The company has changed the Instagram website design layout to provide better user experience to web users as well. ...

  • Facebook introducing Place Tips in USA

    Wednesday, Jun 10, 2015 / Facebook / KrishaWeb

    How will you feel when you just step in to the store and Facebook send you the useful information about the store? It will be a great experience for the in-store visitors. That’s why Facebook is introducing Place Tips for in-store visitors in the USA. ...

  • Apple WWDC 2015 Keynote highlights

    Wednesday, Jun 10, 2015 / Apple / KrishaWeb

    Apple’s most anticipated WorldWide Developers Conference is happening in San Francisco. Apple has announced lots of new updates on the first day. That includes OS X EI Capitan, iOS 9, Apple Wallet, Updates in iPad, Watch OS2, Apple Music and many more. Have you missed the Keynote session of WWDC 2015? Here we have gathered the top highlights of the Keynote session. ...

  • Weekly web industry updates – 30th May to 05th June, 2015

    Friday, Jun 05, 2015 / Tech News / KrishaWeb

    Welcome to the weekly tech news round up. Google has announced their future projects in Google I/O 2015 ATAP sessions last weekend and shared plenty of information with the community during SMX Advance. Apart form these two big events; there have been lots of updates in social media world as well. Here is what happened in tech industry throughout the week. ...

  • Pinterest introduced new “Buy It” button

    Thursday, Jun 04, 2015 / Pinterest / KrishaWeb

    Pinterest has announced that they are going to introduce Buyable pins to the platform. Users will be able to buy any product directly through the “Buy It” button from the pin without leaving the application. ...

  • Google I/O 2015 ATAP Highlights

    Thursday, Jun 04, 2015 / Google News / KrishaWeb

    Google I/O 2015 was among the best events held by Google so far. This year’s I/O was not just about android and Mobile. They have given the preview of the next generation technology in some of their ATAP sessions ...

  • How to find more SEO clients in 2016

    Monday, Jun 01, 2015 / Search Engine Optimisation / KrishaWeb

    No. of Mobile searchers have surpassed the No. of desktop searchers in 2015. The small screen online users are higher than the desktop users. Users’ expectations, interactions and behavior have changed a lot in 2015. More and more people are searching for location-based search queries. Geography plays a vital role in modern day SEO strategies. There are hundreds of thousands of digital marketing agencies that claim to provide excellent online marketing services. This has increased the competition for all digital marketing agencies around the globe. Following are five techniques that can higher your chances of getting more global and local digital marketing leads....

  • KrishaWeb visited USA to explore the business opportunity

    Saturday, May 30, 2015 / Company News / KrishaWeb

    It had been exciting during last few days meeting overseas friends and business partners in USA. I have been in USA for three weeks in late April and in beginning of May. It was a wonderful business trip. I would like to share my experience of meeting clients and new overseas friends. ...

  • Weekly web industry updates – 23rd May to 29th May, 2015

    Friday, May 29, 2015 / Tech News / KrishaWeb

    Welcome to the weekly tech news round up for the final week of the May 2015. We have covered some important search related updates in today’s story. There have been lots of updates going on about local search result and the app indexing throughout the week. Here is what has happened during 23rd May to 29th May. ...

  • iOS gets the app indexing support from Google

    Friday, May 29, 2015 / Google Updates / KrishaWeb

    Google has announced that they are bringing app indexing feature for iOS as well. It was available for Android Apps only till now, but users from IOS devices will also be able to access app content directly from search result with this update. ...


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