Content marketing strategy 2014

This marketing strategy is followed by the business firms or individual businessmen as a marketing tool on social media sites. It main objective is to be able to draw the attention of prospective customers and try to retain them by providing them useful information on products and services including their business plans and trying to update and make changes as and when required to enhance consumer behaviors towards them.


The growth in content marketing this year 2014 has continued to gain pace. This has got influenced by the changes that Google has made to its algorithm. Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird have all been detrimental factors in portraying the importance of content and its usefulness at present and in future as well.

If one looks at the increased popularity and the growing interest of the masses in Content marketing Vs Link Building, then one will be able to understand the increased inclination of the masses to the Content marketing as a lucrative and useful marketing technique. It has left behind the link building as a search team. A lot many Search Engine Optimization Agencies have been noticed in the last year 2013 to shift their attention from link building towards Content Marketing.  They are now favoring content more than anything else due to its importance in being able to provide them a clearly defined group of audience.

It is being estimated by the experts that the coming year more and more companies and other commercial establishments will adopt content marketing as their marketing technique and will think of ways and processes to get started with the content. A string of marketer next year 2015 will be focused on getting successfully started on content marketing to access valuable information on a consistent basis to wider section of prospective customers across the globe. Their main areas to focus on will be how they make content scale and how will they be able to distribute and direct it to the right group of audiences.

The recent trends showcases that 73% of B2B content marketers are producing more content than they used to do even one year ago. Further around 58% of B2B marketers are focused and determined to plan to increase their content marketing budgets over the next 12 months.

Many companies are now allowing their marketers to invest handsomely in content marketing. The marketers are now needed to excel in showing the ROI from that initial investment. It is being seen that getting the initial investment is not a very big deal or tough assignment in content marketing but to sustain this investment will take time for the content marketers.


Many companies will focus their attention on scaling their content efforts in 2014. Scale is not equivalent to just producing more content which the content marketer needs to realize. The Custom Content Council and the Content Wise released recently its 14th Annual Survey on the content marketing industry. Outsourcing of content dropped from 56 to 40% as companies are taking content in-house.

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