Google developed one Noto font family for all devices and language

We all are familiar with the tofu (small blank rectangular boxes) that appears when your device fails to load the font. It is the biggest problem for the designers to develop the font/typography that loads perfectly on every device and language. Google has the answer now. Google has recently introduced new open source font family that works perfectly fine on each device for more than 800 languages.

The wave of happiness overwhelms font lovers when Google introduced Noto fonts. Noto fonts the universal font will enable you to read any kind of language on any device. This tremendous output is a result of the stringent collaboration of Google and Monotype. It supports 800 languages, 100 written scripts and more than 110,000 characters. It is a revolution in communication and makes the communication more enjoyable and meaningful. This is the first time a universal font is invented that is compatible for all devices to communicate and to consume content.

Say bye to tofu

Noto is a “no to-fu font. Most of us were encountered with a rectangular shape [] while receiving or sending any kind of character, or while received fonts not compatible with your device. This rectangular box is called tofu. Technically, it is known as .notdef by coders. If you write languages like English, Chinese, Mandarin, Russian, the chances of encountering with tofu are less, but the world is much more diverse than these major languages.

Previously, the devices are using Unicode which is a character encoding standard with a goal to provide a consistent encoding and handling of text in different writing styles. Unicode requires modern standards like XML, Java and is only compatible with few browsers and operating systems. Thus, it failed to serve the expected level of UX when it comes to different scripts.

The motto Behind Noto

It takes six years for Google and Monotype to develop a typeface for languages. Expert calligraphic aesthetics have been invited to contribute their skills that make the feel cohesive and in line with each language’s cultural heritage. Noto fonts are a testimony of human potentials for building better future for our next generation.

After achieving the latest milestone in the font field, Google says:

“When we began, we did not realize the enormity of the challenge. It required design and technical testing in hundreds of languages, and expertise from specialists in specific scripts. In Arabic, for example, each character has four glyphs (shapes a character can take) that change depending on the text that comes after it. In Indic languages, glyphs may be reordered or even split depending on the surrounding text

The best option for typography

Noto cleans up the mess that the designers have to face while selecting the fonts for different languages. The best part of this font family is that it’s an open source and is easily installed on any operating system. Extraordinary scripts like Arabic that required reordering of fonts are hard to find. And it takes a significant effort for the designers to search out the font compatible for all the devices.

Communicate with better experience

Google Noto is not just beautiful typography fonts, but it takes the communication to a new unbeatable level. It is a gate to the future through the past and present because it is the ultimate tool to eliminate historical communication barriers.

Supports all devices

The tofu killer font was designed to be a uniform typeface. It looks great on any screen resolution and in any language. Before Noto, you had to license fonts for different languages like Latin, Arabic, Japanese and many others. The smart designers of Google and Monotype combine the entire scripts to provide unified solutions for all the devices.

Key takeaways:

Designers and coders can take the utmost benefits of Noto fonts for creating a mesmerizing experience with languages and communication. Designers can also increase their productivity level as they won’t hunt for different languages now

Please comment how Noto fonts will help you to design unmatched experience for your users?

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