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  • Eight web updates you don’t want to miss this week

    Friday, Mar 04, 2016 / Tech News / KrishaWeb

    Google has introduced new design testing tool called ‘Resizer’. Facebook now consider live videos while ranking the news stories in the feed. Gmail has improved the data loss prevention feature. All these and other web updates of the week (27 February to 04 March 2016). ...

  • 8 Ways to Convert Social Media Users into Customers

    Wednesday, Mar 02, 2016 / Social Media Marketing / KrishaWeb

    Using social media to develop brand identity is one of the most important marketing strategies but are you able to convert the leads from this platform to customers? It could ideally be your objective but knowing its tricks and secrets is important to actually utilize this platform. ...

  • Six reasons your small business should be using Instagram

    Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016 / Instagram / KrishaWeb

    There are umpteen social networks that are easily available to choose from to ascertain how and where to promote your brands and focus your digital marketing initiatives. ...

  • Is building customer loyalty your concern? Know the triggers!

    Monday, Feb 15, 2016 / Business / KrishaWeb

    arning customer loyalty is the most effective tool to stay competitive and building a brand in this competitive era. Are you looking for some tips how to develop customer loyalty? You do not have to go far! We can help! ...

  • Local SEO For Business – Why Should You Bother…

    Monday, Feb 08, 2016 / SEO Tips / KrishaWeb

    Local SEO is usually misunderstood by majority of businesses while planning their SEO strategy. Through this piece of content, we have tried helping businesses to understand the actual worth of Local SEO as; all types of businesses to attract more targeted and convertible audiences across the globe can use it. Are you listening? Have a look! ...

  • Twitter lets offline users see tweets and join the discussion

    Wednesday, Feb 03, 2016 / Twitter / KrishaWeb

    Twitter has decided to take logged-out user seriously and increase the new user signups. The company has recently announced a small but significant update to the Twitter homepage for desktop and mobile users. Twitter has decided to bring better logged-out experience to mobile users in 23 countries. ...

  • How to Navigate Audience Through Web Design

    Tuesday, Jan 26, 2016 / Web Design / KrishaWeb

    A website drives the maximum number of visitors to a company. In a world where everyone is on the Internet, it becomes paramount for your business to have a website. Having just a website is not enough, you need to have a website that has great content and innovative design. ...

  • Google updated the Core Ranking algorithm

    Wednesday, Jan 13, 2016 / Google Updates / KrishaWeb

    Are you among the webmasters who have noticed considerable ranking fluctuation over the last weekend? Well, that was not because of the Penguin Algorithm. But, it was the effect of the core search algorithm update. Google has incorporated the Panda algorithm in the Core Ranking Algorithm now. ...

  • 8 digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2016

    Tuesday, Dec 29, 2015 / Advertising and Marketing / KrishaWeb

    2015 is about to end. It has been the year of mobile optimization. Mobile searchers have beaten the desktop searchers in 2015. Facebook has recorded over 1 billion active users in a single day. Mobile and Social Media has been in talks throughout 2015. Here we have discussed 8 tactics that will be crucial in 2016. ...

  • Google introduced ‘Smart Goals’ in analytics to help small and medium sized business

    Tuesday, Dec 15, 2015 / Google AdWords / KrishaWeb

    Google has introduced a new feature called Smart Goals for small and medium sized businesses are there on the web. Smart Goal conversion tracking lets you identify highest quality visits on your website those are most likely to convert in leads and help you optimize your AdWords campaign based on that data. ...


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