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  • What does make a responsive website, an essential for online business

    Friday, May 08, 2015 / Web Design / KrishaWeb

    With Google’s latest mobile friendly algorithm update, responsive website is the need of the hour for every online business. It is equally important to know that does responsive website really helps business or not. I have identified few reasons why any online business should adopt the mobile friendly design. ...

  • Web design mistakes that small businesses MUST avoid

    Monday, Sep 08, 2014 / Web Design / KrishaWeb

    Does your current website seem to be negatively affecting the bottom line? Has it fallen prey to the common web design mistakes that most small business owners tend to make? Simply, identify the problem, find a suitable solution, and transform your portal into the moneymaking machine, as it was meant! ...

  • Responsive Design vs. Mobile Site

    Monday, Aug 04, 2014 / Web Design / KrishaWeb

    With the increasing popularity and applicability of smartphones, the web traffic has been marking a significant shift. Mobile devices cover 20% of the web traffic which visibly reveals an increasing trend. Obviously, more and more mobile-friendly versions of websites are being developed by companies engaged in online marketing. This throws big challenge to the prevailing Responsive Design that works on PC and mobile device. ...

  • Basic tips for better CSS codes

    Tuesday, Jul 08, 2014 / Web Design / KrishaWeb
    Many of the front-end developers think that organizing CSS styles can be frustrating task but if you adopt a habit then results will be a success and later on you can able to sustain web page better with a structured CSS styles ...

  • Five questions to ask before you redesign your website

    Saturday, May 10, 2014 / Web Design / KrishaWeb

    Today, your Web site is your first impression for most prospective clients. Online marketing has become the most popular and effective method of marketing services, products, sharing information in the form of news, campaigns, contests, blog articles, forum discussions, communities instant messages. ...

  • 10 Gifts, you will surely fall in love with It

    Saturday, May 10, 2014 / Web Design / KrishaWeb

    We always expect to have a nice birthday gift but sometime it happens that we receive fully worthless junk that no one wants. We know that this time we are off the route but these 10 creative gifts will surely electrify your designer, developer geek and nerdy friends. We are open with your creative gifts ideas in the comments if they are not listed here. ...

  • Techniques to create an effective landing page

    Saturday, May 10, 2014 / Web Design / KrishaWeb

    A landing page plays a pivotal role in an inbound internet marketing campaign. It is certainly an indispensable part of the marketing plan, because it proves to be a perfect method of converting your leads into business. According to many experts, a landing page is the heart of the lead generation strategy, as it allows the internet marketer to gain genuine potential clients that can be converted into loyal customers . ...

  • The best web design trends from last year to now – revaluated

    Saturday, May 10, 2014 / Web Design / KrishaWeb

    2013 is more than half – way through, and its time for us to do a revaluation of the trends. Now these are trends that made it big and survived last year, and they are getting popular as 2013 comes more than half way too. Professionals and small time designers too are happy with these trends, and if you are wondering what these trends are, here’s a sneak peak to the best. ...

  • 10 Must Use Web Design Tools For Web Designers

    Friday, May 09, 2014 / Web Design / KrishaWeb

    If you are looking for a web designing company, make sure you hire the one that has enough experience in this field and is up-to-date with the latest technology and features that makes their website stand out. In this advanced age of Internet usage, where mobile compatible browsing is in high demand, your web designer should know about all the modern tools available that could be incorporated into your website to make it user-friendly ...


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