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  • UX Design Process

    6 Important Steps to Know in UX Design Process

    Monday, Sep 09, 2019 / UI UX Design / Kenar Raval
    In this digital world, having a website to run the business is mandatory. Just creating a website does not ensure huge traffic or leads. The user experience here plays a greater role. A good UX helps in getting a good flow of traffic and ensure quality spent time on your website. This blog will let
  • UI/UX Design Trends for eCommerce

    11 Latest UI/UX Design Trends To Rule The E-commerce Market

    Thursday, Sep 05, 2019 / UI UX Design / Kenar Raval
    UX/UI design is an essential part of website development these days. It focuses on a well planned and strategically perfect website development that could keep its customers engaged for long resulting in effective sales. Hence, this mechanism is almost a must for every eCommerce platform today. Technology and innovations have changed our daily lives considerably
  • Best-UI_UX-Design-Tools-To-Improve-Website-User-Experience

    Best UI UX Design Tools To Improve User Experience Of Your Website

    Friday, Aug 30, 2019 / UI UX Design / Samir Halpati
    You can choose to have a fancy website, but if it crashes at the first click or it has a bounce rate higher than you can imagine, what good is all the fancy going to do? Today, while designing websites, more and more designers are opting for a simple UI/UX design. Not because it
  • ux-design-audit-to-improve-your-website’s-user-experience

    UX Design Audit, A Key to Improve User Experience of your Website

    Wednesday, Aug 28, 2019 / UI UX Design / Samir Halpati
    Creating a design for a website is much like preparing to study for an exam. It’s a process that takes time. You’ll rarely score well if you’ve studied overnight. The same goes for website design as well. Most website designers think that they will hit the ground running by sketching and drafting wireframes. But that’s
  • Elements to Consider when Creating a Successful UX Design

    7 Important UX Design Elements to Consider when Creating a Successful Design

    Tuesday, Aug 20, 2019 / UI UX Design / Samir Halpati
    User Experience (UX) design is the practice of improving user-friendliness or the functionality of a product or service to maximize the level of user satisfaction. UX designers create a product that offers a relevant and meaningful experience to visitors. To create a unique customer experience, deploying the latest UX Design Elements is recommended. So, let
  • the UI and UX Designs, Expectations vs. Reality

    Differences between the UI and UX Designs, Expectations vs. Reality

    Monday, Aug 12, 2019 / UI UX Design / Samir Halpati
    The UI and UX designs work hand-in-hand in order to deliver a delightful experience to the users. Hence, it becomes difficult for many individuals to understand the difference between UI/UX design. Simply, the UI design determines the appearance of every feature on a website. Hence, a UI designer is responsible for a website’s presentation to

    Important Elements of Successful UI Design: UI Experts want you to know about!

    Monday, Aug 05, 2019 / UI UX Design / Samir Halpati
    A good UI design is a lot like the storage memory of your device. When it is available, users don’t even think about it. But when it’s not, users keep seeing the ‘Storage Full’ message pop on their screen! Similarly, when you’re browsing a website and you have a flawless experience, you don’t pay much
  • Importance of UI/UX Design

    Importance of UI/UX Design when Developing an Effective Website for Your Business

    Monday, Aug 05, 2019 / UI UX Design / Samir Halpati
    The objective of any business is to increase sales that may lead to its overall growth. Before we start, get to know What is UI/UX Design and its primary components. An updated UX/UI design plays an important role in helping businesses reach this goal. The UX/UI design can improve the user experience and maximize the
  • An Overview of UI_UX Design, Its functionalities and Usefulness

    What is UI/UX Design? 5 Fundamental Elements of UI/UX Design

    Thursday, Aug 01, 2019 / UI UX Design / Samir Halpati
    There are over 1.94-billion websites and 4-billion internet users around the world as of January 2019. It is not easy to impress a fraction of this huge number of users. With a unique website design, you may catch and retain the attention of some users or may come into limelight among hundreds of websites. However,
  • Create Insightful and Actionable UX Reports Using 11 Usability Secrets

    Wednesday, Jul 25, 2018 / UI UX Design / KrishaWeb
    Every online merchant site needs to make sure that clients can effortlessly interact with the products. It is equally essential for the websites to familiarize a new client/customer with their products/services attractively and lucidly. A web-designer or web-developer is supposed to consider these vital factors when working on a project. The ‘usability practitioners’ can help

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