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  • Create Insightful and Actionable UX Reports Using 11 Usability Secrets

    Wednesday, Jul 25, 2018 / UI UX Design / KrishaWeb
    Every online merchant site needs to make sure that clients can effortlessly interact with the products. It is equally essential for the websites to familiarize a new client/customer with their products/services attractively and lucidly. A web-designer or web-developer is supposed to consider these vital factors when working on a project. The ‘usability practitioners’ can help
  • UX Designer Guide

    UX Designer’s Guide For Post-Launch Success Of Created Design

    Friday, Apr 20, 2018 / UI UX Design / KrishaWeb
    The job of the UX designer is not over with successful app launch. You might have spent all that time and effort in planning, research, and the creation of the app but you need to continue giving efforts at the post-launch stage as well. This would ensure the real success of your endeavours and the
  • Improve User Experience

    Tips to Improve User Experience on Long-Scroll Mobile Websites in Six Different Ways

    Wednesday, Nov 01, 2017 / UI UX Design / KrishaWeb
    An efficient website designer aims to provide a smoother user experience using evolving technology. A simplified design not only saves the users’ time; it also increases the rate of conversion. Several Internet surfers access the Internet through mobile devices and these devices own a large market share, today. Hence, the mobile-friendly websites need to satisfy
  • Understand User Psychology before creating UX

    Understand The User Psychology For Creating Great UX Design

    Wednesday, Sep 28, 2016 / UI UX Design / KrishaWeb

    As per human psychology, different things motivate different users. You need to understand and remove the obstacles between your objectives and your users. You need to understand those techniques and triggers that can act your user’s motivations and can have the potential to create new behaviors....


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